Launch point for Fighters and Bombers

Initial Supply 4
Hitpoints 2
Speed N/A
Radar None
Sonar None
Nukes 10 SRBMs
Attack None

The airbase is one of three structures in DEFCON. It operates in one of two modes: Fighter Launch or Bomber Launch. When playing a default gametype, each player starts with four airbases. Like other structures, any airbases that are not placed before DEFCON 3 will be lost. Airbases cannot change their launch mode or launch Aircraft until DEFCON 3.

Airbases take two direct Nuclear Missles to destroy. Each time an airbase is hit, a number of Aircraft garrisoned there will be destroyed.

Though airbases start with 5 fighters and bombers garrisoned, it is actually possible to garrison up to 10 fighters and 10 bombers in one single airbase.

Fighter Launch Edit

When in Fighter Launch mode a Fighter garrisoned at the airbase may be launched every 120 game seconds.

Airbases start with five Fighters. An airbase's Fighter garrison will slowly regenerate over time.

Switching from Bomber Launch to Fighter Launch takes 120 game seconds.

Bomber Launch Edit

When in Bomber Launch mode a Bomber garrisoned at the airbase may be launched every 120 seconds.

Airbases start with five Bombers and an additional five Nuclear Missiles.

Switching from Fighter Launch to Bomber Launch takes 120 game seconds.

Considerations during placement Edit

Proximity to vulnerable coast lines allows for the bomber sub patrol tactic, and also projects air support closer to naval engagements.

Proximity to hostile borders can be an issue for two reasons. First, enemy Air Defense will be able to destroy aircraft as they launch one by one, as opposed to being faced with a larger formation. Second, Bomber aircraft will not have an opportunity to arm their SRBM warhead before entering enemy airspace and coming under fire. This can be dealt with through use of the Beam Attack