The Submarine, a major threat to your cities and installations.

The Anti-Submarine Bomber Patrol is a tactic used to defend a coastline from a nuclear missile missile launch from Submarines. This method can be very effective, as Submarines are very fragile when surfaced and one bomber can easily take out a decent number of threats due to its long naval combat range. For more detailed information on various bomber tactics, view (link to come soon, as article is yet to be written. I'll fix that when I can).


The setup for the Anti-Submarine Bomber Patrol is decently simple. All a player must do is have a designated stretch of coastline that the player has intrest in defending, and at least 2 bombers. To maximize results, but at a cost of bomber wave effectiveness, one would have to place an airbase at opposite ends of the coastline.


To preform the Anti-Submarine Bomber Patrol, one would have to have, as mentioned, at least two bombers. First, prepare two bombers by left-clicking on one of your airbases. After that is accomplished, select the option "Bomber Launch" from the menu that appears. Please note that steps from this point on can only be accomplished after DEFCON 3. After selecting "Bomber Launch", designate the first airbase to launch a bomber on a route that generally follows the coastline of the shore you wish to protect. Repeat steps 1 and two with another airbase. If a course correction has to be made, do not be afraid to do so. After the bomber reaches the waypoint you set in Step 2, allow it to return to an airbase, preferably the one it launched from. After the bomber lands, immedeatly send it back into the skies. Repeat this process as long as you wish to secure your coastline from enemy submarine attack. Please note that the reason for only allowing a bomber to do one cycle of patrols is because of airplane's limited fuel range. To send the bombers on another route without allowing them to land and refuel is suicide and a waste of two good bombers.

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