The attack command allows a unit to attack air units and naval units (except submerged submarines). It is very essential in the game, as it permits units to be assigned a target before they are within range, minimizing a unit's idle time, and contributing more to the overall favorable outcome of the game for you. Fighters should be redirected either back to a launch point (such as a Carrier or an Airbase) or to attack another unit immedeatly after they are finished with the first target assigned, as their fuel range is very limited.


  • Left click: attacks a highlighted(mouse'd over) enemy air unit or naval units, with the exception of submerged submarines.
  • Right click: moves the unit to the highlighted location.
  • Naval units cannot go through land masses, and will try to move around them in the shortest way possible, if any land masses are encountered - with the exception of most small islands in the Oceania region, though this region is not playable.
  • Air Units can literally go anywhere, but they can run out of fuel.