Enemy Submarines are capable of inflicting heavy losses, due to their launch speed and their relatively high range. The threat of a submarine counter attack is enough to deter a full-scale assault on another country. One way to deal with submarines is to lure them into attacking. Another player will launch their Nuclear Missiles from their submarines if they believe that your defenses are weakened.

Setting Up Edit

Units should be arranged so that they are completely covering your coastline. Bombers, Carriers or Battleships work best. Fighters are slow at destroying subs and are less effective. Once the submarines surface, your units will need to be able to instantly take down their submarines.

Executing the Plan Edit

Launch an ICBM from your nearby Missile Silos. The enemy player will see this and surface their submarines to counter launch at you. Use your units to destroy their submarines before they fire.

What can go wrong Edit

The enemy may have a Fleet nearby to protect their submarines and prevent you from destroying them.

If the submarines are not destroyed quickly enough, they will launch. As your silos are in ICBM Launch mode, you will be defenseless. This problem can be mitigated by not launching from all nearby silos and keeping one or two in Air Defense mode.

The enemy might not notice your launch and leave their submarines submerged or maybe there aren't any submarines nearby and you're wasting your time. There's no guarantee that all the nearby submarines have been destroyed.