Versatile, long range aircraft

Initial Supply 44
Hitpoints 1
Speed Slow
Radar Medium
Sonar None
Nukes 1 SRBM
Attack Structures, Naval

Bombers are air units that can be launched from air bases or carriers. Bombers fuel range covers at least 3 quarters of the map, and thus are the second longest ranged air unit (after the ICBM). They are also more resistant to Missile Silos' as well as battleships' missiles in air defense mode but are vulnerable to fighter attacks. They are the slowest of all air units. Lastly, they are the only way to launch a Nuclear Missile without alerting the other players (with the radiation sign on the map).

Bombers have two modes:

SRBM ModeEdit

In SRBM mode, after a 120 second delay, the bomber can launch the one SRBM it can carry.

You should use left click for moving the bomber and right click for launching the SRBM, so as to not accidentally launch the SRBM when wanting to move.

However, bombers should only engage targets if they are far enough away. A bomber in close proximity to a SRBM detonating on its target will destroy the bomber.

Naval Attack ModeEdit

In this mode, the bomber can attack naval units and is more powerful in doing so than fighters.

Bombers have an excelent range in Naval Attack mode, so launch them from far off and in great numbers, and they can usually make quick work of naval targets.

Since bombers are so vulnerable, be sure to mix in equal or preferably greater amounts of fighters when you send them out to either engage enemy fighters or act as cannon fodder for anti-aircraft. Remember, fighters can regenerate, bombers cannot.