Mobile aircraft carrying unit

Initial Supply 12
Hitpoints 1
Speed Medium
Radar Medium
Sonar Small
Nukes 6 SRBMs
Attack None
Can garrison five Fighters and two Bombers

A Carrier is a naval unit that carries five Fighters and two Bombers. This is the maximum that it can carry. Carriers also have four extra SRBMs to rearm empty bombers as they return from a Nuclear Missile strike. In the default gametype, each player receives twelve carriers that can be placed in the player's respective territory's seas. In the Variable gametype, different amount of Carriers and other units can be purchased with in-game credits. A player does not have to pay real-world currency for these credits, as a set number is given each Variable gamemode match, and will not deplete between matches (meaning that a set number is given for each match, and that number does not change). If carrier is attacked and in Fighter Launch mode, it will automatically launch a fighter at its attacker.

Fighter Launch Mode Edit

In Fighter Launch mode the carrier can launch one Fighter every 120 in-game seconds. At the start of the game Carriers have an outfit of five fighters. Switching to Fighter Launch mode takes 120 in-game seconds. This factor is something to consider, as it describes how frequantly a fighter can be launched.

Bomber Launch Mode Edit

When in Bomber Launch mode a Bomber garrisoned at the carrier may be launched every 120 in-game seconds. Carriers start with two Bombers and an additional four Nuclear Missiles of the SRBM catagory. Switching from any mode to Bomber Launch consumes 120 game seconds.

Anti Submarine Mode Edit

When in Anti-Submarine Mode, carriers will emit a SONAR ping every 60 seconds. If Submarines are found, the carrier will drop depth charges, dealing massive damage to any submarine hit. Switching to Anti-Submarine Mode takes 240 seconds.