This article explains how to exploit the inherent priority of air defenses to increase the effectiveness of your nuclear strikes against heavily defended targets.

Bombers and Nukes Edit

Introduction Edit

Even when attacking heavily defended area such as Europe it is possible to get near guaranteed hits on targets if you are willing to sacrifice nukes. The idea here is to send a constant stream of nukes at one or two targets and while the defenses are busily trying to bring them down, your bombers sweep in and destroy silos or capital cities unhindered. This requires some timing, but this can be reduced by throwing more nukes into the fray.

The Attack Edit

You will need sufficient nukes to keep the defenses occupied while your bombers sweep in and hopefully for them to get out. These nukes would be coming from a fleet of submarines, a group of ICBMs or possibly even another wave of bombers. These nukes need to survive long enough to distract the defenses from the real threat. Their lifespan can be lengthened by having them travel on a tangent to any silos, rather than directly towards them.

Amidst the waves of these nukes your bombers should be moving towards their target(s) in SRBM Launch mode. To do this without the bomber launching its nuke as soon as the target is within range you tell the bomber to move to a location in line, but well beyond, the target. Alternatively, you can order the bomber to nuke a distant target on the same line. This ensures the bomber is ready to deploy as it reaches the target, but not until it is close enough to avoid its nukes being shot down.

When the bombers are almost on top of their targets you order them to nuke it directly. The closer to the target you do this, the better, but ensure the bomber has enough time to get out of the blast radius or it will be destroyed.

This tactic is most effective when the inital nukes are aimed at civilian targets, while your bombers sweep in and destroy defending silos. In this manner you may lose a few hits on the cities to the defenses but the silos are removed, allowing following waves of nukes to prove more effective.

The Defense Edit

This tactic requires aerial domination or at least confusion among any fighters in the area. If the defending player can successfully launch fighters to intercept the bombers, the attack will, most likely, fail, and most of the nukes will be intercepted, and the bombers destroyed. The attacker can mitigate this defense by leading or mixing the bombers with fighters, to intercept enemy fighters and act as decoys while the bombers continue unhindered. If possible remove nearby carriers and airbases, leaving the defender with a choice between ordering his or her defense systems to destroy the nukes or bombers as doing both at the same time would prove difficult.