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This Wiki is about the game DEFCON.

Here we want to buld an info site about the game for beginners and advanced gamers, from simple gameplay to complex strategies.

History of this Wiki

The initial content of this site originally wrote and collected by Florian Hufsky, and had hosted in a private wiki page (

Sadly, that page was closed because of lack of notoriety. We hope to a page in the Wikia Project can attract more DEFCON enthusiasts.

The contents is migrated by Gabor Madacs, but he can't afford much time to keep the Wiki up to date, as he is not an active player now.

The Wiki is waiting for new Heroes to pick up the torch...

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What's new on DEFCON Wiki

2019.01.23 - We are here for more than Ten Years!
- Anyone playing this game these days?  ;)
2014.05.28 - Message Walls enabled!
- For explicit request of Lt. Allen.
2014.05.16 - Man on board!
- Mr. CmdrWarpig is enlisted as a new Officer of Central Intelligence!
- At last, I have managed to fix the image link errors. ;)
2008.10.01 - Some fixing applied
- I've fixed the big Logo.
- Some migration issues (Image link errors) are still alive. :(
- Warm Welcome for Mr. Kadski, and his contributions.
- Welcome, Mr. Binclin, we need Your help too!
2008.02.03 - Text import done
- Today I finished the import of the articles!
2008.01.26 - Cleanup
- I've made some Wiki-cleanup, and a favicon.
- Good news: The extraction of the old pages is done, now comes the import.
2008.01.17 - DEFCON Wiki Logo created
- First things first. :)
2008.01.14 - DECFON Wiki established
- We got the oppurtunity to build a Wiki for the game DEFCON in the Wikia portal.
- We started to migrate the content form the old site. (


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