Europe is widely viewed as the best region to play as, due to its small size and subsequent ease of defence. As a result, it is also the subject of widespread controversy. Additionally, Europe is often a mixed curse and blessing: Europe purportedly has great advantages and is sometimes the subject of arguments (e.g who plays as Europe); on the other hand, due to those very same percieved advantages, other nations may gang up on Europe to eliminate what they see as an advantaged region.


  • Defences naturally overlap, giving greater protection from incoming bombers, fighters, LRBM/ICBMs, MRBMs or SRBMs.
  • Radar naturally overlaps, allowing better early warning of attacks
  • Radar, silos and airfields are redundant, meaning that if one is taken out, due to the close proximity of the buildings, no signifigant gap in defences is produced.
  • Iceland can hold three buildings, allowing:
    • Radar coverage of the North Atlantic.
    • And/or ICBM and bomber protection from North America.
    • And/or a forward - strike air base(s) to facilitate attacking North America, South America, or enemy fleets in the North Atlantic.


  • Due to Europe's central location, the region often finds itself under attack from multiple directions.
  • Due to the natural proximity of Europe's airbases to it's borders, aircraft often find themselves under attack soon after taking off.
  • Again, due to the natural proximity of Europe's airbases to it's borders, bombers have little time to arm themselves against nearby targets (Western Russia, Northern Africa) and are easy targets for Missile Silos and Fighters in the meantime.
  • Due to Europe's small size, scouting is simple for other nations as there is less room to hide structures and their locations are generally highly predictable.
  • Europe is generally extremely vunerable to submarine attacks due to the close proximity of it's cities to it's coast.
  • When placing Missile Silos in Europe, the Anti-Aircraft mode is sometimes rendered ineffective due to shooting angles. This means that, when launched, Anti-Aircraft missiles will not hit their targets, but spin around it in circles.