Fast, short range combat aircraft

Initial Supply 80
Hitpoints 1
Speed Fast
Radar Small
Sonar None
Nukes None
Attack Air
Regenerated by Airbases over time.

Fighters are launched from Carriers and Airbases. Both carriers and airbases start with 5 fighters. Fighters will be slowly regenerated at airbases, but not at carriers. However, you can launch fighters from airbases and land them on carriers, freeing up space at the airbase for more fighters. Fighters cannot be launched before DEFCON 3.

Fighters have a much shorter range than Bombers, but are slightly faster. Fighters are effective at shooting down enemy bombers, but very vulnerable to missiles from Battleships and Missile Silos in SAM mode. Fighters, while not as effective as Bombers, can also damage enemy submarines.

Fighters are also useful as scouts, while their radar range and fuel range may be limited, the airbases ability to regenerate them makes them expendable.