"First Strike" is a simple, instinctive, violent strategy. Principle is simple: sacrifice his population, not move, throwing its nukes.  Here is the detail of the sequence of a party with the strategy of "First Strike": 

Defcon 5 : Put your silos in a square, your airbases in a circle and your radars around one in the centre of ensconced of silos. Especially put defences far enough from cities. 

Defcon 4 :Look at your radars, start moving your submarines towards the enemy´s coast. Other ships remain near your coast. 

Defcon 3 : Wait. Move. Simply speed up the time. Switch your carriers to anti-submarine mode. 

Defcon 2 : Nothing.

Defcon 1 :At this instant your submarines are ready at enemy coasts. Decelerate the time, thrown in the nukes from submarines as well as those in the silos, send bombers to attack facilities. Main targets of your nukes are enemy cities, silos and airbases. NOTE :When your bombers and your fighters reach enemy territory, you will discover installations, use it to destroy them also and prevent your enemy from countering.

Conclusion: Use this strategy with countries as Russia, Asia, USA, South America and Africa, but not Europe (cities is too much regrouped and the too small ground). You must favour the enemy cities and radars. Nukes numerous envoys will talk about numerous died.