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A fleet is comprised of between one and six naval units, with a group of six naval units sometimes being refered to (negatively) as a "Cartwheel". It is inadvisable to place your units Cartwheel formations, as you would only have two battlegroups of six units each per fleet which will cause an abnormally high vunerablitly to strikes targeting the warships.

For information regarding individual naval units, please view their respective DEFCON Wiki pages: CarrierBattleship, and Submarine, respectively.

Controls Edit

  • To place a full fleet simply left click six naval units from the Unit Toolbar and left click a location within your sea territory.
  • To place less than six units the crosshair below the fleet slots in the unit menu must be left clicked.
  • To remove a unit from an unplaced fleet, simply left click its fleet slot.
  • Fleets can consist of multiple types of units
  • Fleets are essential in winning a match, without a fleet, your enemy is all but free to roam around the seas, launch Bomber and Submarine  strikes, and scout your territory with little resistance