Missile Silo

Nuke launcher and
anti-aircraft platform

Initial Supply 6
Hitpoints 3
Speed N/A
Radar Medium
Sonar None
Nukes 10 ICBMs
Attack Structures, Air
Appearance depend on operation mode

The Missile Silo is one of three structures in DEFCON. It operates in one of two modes: ICBM Launch mode or Air Defense mode. When playing the default gametype, each player starts with 6 silos. Like other structures, any silos that are not placed before DEFCON 3 will be lost.

Missile Silos, regardles of mode, take 3 direct hits by nuclear missiles to be destroyed. Each time the silo is hit by a nuclear missile, a number of missiles are removed from the target silo's inventory.

ICBM Mode Edit

In ICBM Launch mode the missile silo can launch ICBMs capable of hitting any target on the map. When a missile is launched from a silo, all players receive a launch warning and will be able to see the location of the launching silo.

Missile silos start with an inventory of 10 ICBMs.

Switching from Air Defense to ICBM Launch mode takes 120 game seconds.

Air Defense Mode Edit


Missile Silo in Air Defense Mode

In Air Defense mode the Missile Silo will act as a SAM (Surface to Air Missile) launcher automatically attacking any enemy Air Units (including nuclear missiles) entering its combat range (provided the target unit is visible on radar). Silos in Air Defense mode will prioritize targets (highest to lowest priority):

  1. Missiles
  2. Bombers
  3. Fighters

You can manually retarget a silo in Air Defense mode by selecting it and left-clicking on the desired target.

Switching from ICBM Launch mode to Air Defense mode takes 340 game seconds.