Overwhelm And Conquer

Despite of all the variation of strategy you can apply in this game, the best strategy is often the simplest one.

Step One: Focus your navy into one central point during the deployment stage and push them out into the middle of the theatre of war so as to prepare for the siege. Line forming is discouraged, although a line will help you blockade the channel. Without the overlapping offensive circle, the hostile ships can pick your ships off one by one, easily destroying your formation.

Step Two: Place your subs as far from the main fleet and park it off the coast of the HVTs, do not send them in unless you are certain their airport has depleted all of their fighters.

Step Three: Blob tactic, do not mobilize your fleet, and make them come to you. The density of firepower from your fleet will make short work of any invaders; another benefit is that your jets don't have to maneuver as much, giving them much more time in the air before they run out of fuel. (You shouldn't have to use them more than once)

Step Four: Park your fleet just off the enemy coast to lure out their fighters, your Battleships will make short work of them. While your fleet deplete their local defensive forces. Maneuver you subs into place. At the same time slow the time compressor to "Real time" (to reduce the gap between missiles entering the enemy anti missile bubble) send your bombers and fire all of your ICBMs from your silo at the same time.

Step Five: Once your subs are into place launch all bombers and sub launched ICBM. FIRE AWAY

Step Six: Once the initial wave is over, you should have at least a 300pt lead over the enemy, and you now also know the EXACT position of their silos.

Step Seven: Raze their silos off the surface of the Earth by launching ALL of your bombers at once to overwhelm their AA network and destroy their silos subsequently. After launching the bombers, recall ONE of your carrier groups back offshore of your own country to wipe out the enemy SSN.

You've just WON the nuclear war, suffering minimal casualty of around 30 million, and kicking the enemy back to the Stone Age with only a population of several million.