Advantages Edit

  • Many of Russia's major population centers are far inland, forcing submarine fleets to launch over your defenses.
  • It has a vast amount of territory, allowing it to make several layers of silo defense.
  • The northern coast of Russia is effectively accessible only to the Russian player
  • Carriers hidden up North can launch bombers to attack Europe and South Asia (or perhaps Africa).
  • Ocean territory allows for the placement of fleets well within range of South Asian targets.

Disadvantages Edit

Large size and dispersed cities make complete defence coverage difficult, leading to situations where Unbalanced Defense strategies may be used. Many of the dispersed cities are easily targeted by South Asia.

Though the major cities are inland and thus protected from submarine MRBMs, they are extremely close to European territory and are easily targetted.

A Common Strategy Edit

Russia Strategy

A Russian Strategy

This here demonstrates a Russian strategy IF let me say again IF!!!! You are playing a full game, the strategy of Russia is the most varied of all nations since it is so large. This strategy demonstrates correct use of the Unbalanced Defense strategy. 95% of Russia's population is centered in Western Russia and therefore needs to be protected much more then Eastern Russia. You may notice that there is one Missile Silo in Eastern Russia, and that there allows an easy easy easy strike against South Asia Or North America. There is one Airbase and one Radar placed at the furthest point to the East in Russia, and that allows an early warning system from ICBMs from North America. It also allows for a quick retaliatory strike at North America or a surprise attack against South Asia. The Boats have been positioned so there are 3 Submarine at all the countries that border the Pacific. In closing this is a fine strategy in a free for all game (And especially a "Survivor" game).