DEFCON is deceptively complex and requires time to understand the workings of the various units under your command in order to be able to have a more positive outcome to your game. The moment the game begins, thought needs to be put towards what the most likely avenue of attack the enemy will use, how they will use it, and how it will be countered. This article serves as a hub of sorts to the various strategies you can use in order to increase your odds of winning.

Country Information Edit

Each of these pages contain information about the region in question and what needs to be considered in unit placement and overall strategy.



South Asia


North America

South America

Strategies Edit

Each of these pages give information about either strategy for particular units, game strategy, or actions that can be taken at critical points in the game. Not all strategy can be used in every region, though each can help in coming up with your own play style as you approach the game.

A General Strategy

Baiting Submarines

Cover Fire

Defence Networks

Fighters and Nuclear Missiles

First Strike

Naval Warfare

Overwhelm and Conquer

Unbalanced Defense