Powerful, nuke carrying stealth unit

Initial Supply 12
Hitpoints 1
Speed Slow
Radar None
Sonar Medium
Nukes 5 MRBMs
Attack Structures, Naval
Invisible to radar when submerged

A stealthy naval unit armed with five MRBMs and torpedoes.

In the default gametype, each player receives twelve submarines.

Passive Sonar Mode Edit

Passive Sonar mode allows the submarine to remain submerged - undetectable, except to other submarines in Active Sonar mode or Carriers in Antisub mode. Unfortunately this renders the sub blind - with no radar or sonar range. Submarines in this mode will not automatically attack naval units, but may be ordered to do so manually.

Active Sonar Mode Edit

Active Sonar mode allows the submarine to remain submerged but still detect nearby naval units, which will show as a targetable ghost. This will display a Sonar Ping to any players with radar coverage of the submarine's location. Submarines in this mode will automatically attack nearby naval units.

MRBM Launch Mode Edit

MRBM Launch mode will cause a submarine to surface and ready its MRBM Nuclear Missiles for launch. When surfaced the submarine will receive a small radar range but will be extremely vulnerable to fire from nearby naval units and air units. If another mode is selected the submarine will submerge again, but remain vulnerable to fire until the new mode is active.