Create a new page Edit

To create a new Wiki page
a) Edit an existing page and insert a link to a new page. ie [[Bomber Capability]]. New Strategies is a good place to do that.
b) Directly go to the link for the new page and hit edit. ie:

Wiki Syntax Edit

If you have never looked at a Wiki before you might want to check the Page Editing Help.

The most important commands are:

[[Foo Bar]] Creates a link to a Wiki Page.
Foo Bar
* Foo

* Bar

Creates a list
  • Foo
  • Bar
= Heading 1 =

== Heading 2 ==

=== Heading 3 ===

Creates headlines

Heading 1 Edit

Heading 2 Edit

Heading 3 Edit

For more wiki syntax see Wikitext Help.

See your article on the front page Edit

Just add a link to your strategy to New_Strategies and it will appear on the front page.